Saints fans can sleep a little later or make that Noon Mass on Sundays the next two weeks after the NFL moved its upcoming games to expose them to a wider national audience.

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There will be no Sunday night games - yet, and may not be at all this season, but the NFL is moving the contests with the Rams and Panthers to reach a wider audience, it was announced Tuesday.

The team's contest next weekend against the Rams in Los Angeles, has been moved to a 3:25 kickoff on CBS (WWL-TV). The game only moves a few minutes back, but gives CBS the chance to make it the national game.

The following week the Saints game at home against Carolina will also be at 3:25 on Fox.

Both the Rams (7-2) and the Panthers (7-3) will represent chances for the Saints to make a statement against top NFC contenders. The Saints won't face the Eagles during the regular season.