New Orleans Saints safety Marcus Williams is turning what he calls his ‘nightmare’ into his motivation this off-season


Williams missed a tackle in the last ten seconds of the Saints playoff game against the Vikings when the Saints were leading 24-23. The missed tackle resulted in the end of the Saints’ playoff run and post-season.

Following the game, Williams gave a brief interview with reporters in the locker room, but since he has arguably remained silent about his upset. However, on Wednesday Williams broke that silence with a powerful two-minute video.

The video starts with the last-second upset play and immediately cuts to Williams getting out of bed and heading to the gym to train. Throughout the entire video is the inspirational ‘Inches’ speech from the movie “Any Given Sunday.” In the movie, the speech is given by Al Pacino’s character.

The video shows several clips of Williams vigorously training, remaining focused, all while sporting a T-shirt that reads “No Days Off” on it. He captioned the video, “Turning my NIGHTMARE into my MOTIVATION!!! #motivation #mentality #grind”

The video closes with a link to Winners Circle Athletics, which is a training facility and gym in Corona, California where the video was mainly shot.

A scroll down Williams' social media page shows other short video clips of him training at the gym as well chronicling his comeback to the 2018-2019 season.

Watch the video below:

(Can't see the video? Click here.)