NEW ORLEANS — You might have heard… The Dallas Cowboys and star running back Zeke Elliott agreed on a 6-year, $90 million contract extension. 

The question Saints fans should be asking is how this will affect future negotiations with Alvin Kamara.

Elliott’s contract is the biggest for a running back EVER, but because it’s an extension Elliot is actually the eighth-highest paid running back this season.

According to Sportrac, his salary cap hit is $6.3 million this season. The highest paid running back in the NFL is David Johnson of the Arizona Cardinals. His cap hit will be $9.7 million this season.

Alvin Kamara’s cap hit this season: Just over $1 million, making him the 48th highest paid RB in the league.

Kamara is in year four of his rookie deal. His salary is $807,000 and his signing bonus was spread out over the length of the deal, hence the cap hit at just over $1 million.

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He has just one more year to go on his rookie contract and he will definitely want a new deal next summer because running back don’t get paid well by NFL standards.

Quarterbacks make the most money (the average is $6.3 million) then offensive tackles ($3.6 million) and defensive ends ($3.3 million).

At the bottom of the scale, the average running back salary is just a bit more than punter and long snapper salaries.

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But Alvin Karama’s salary this year is actually LESS than the average long snapper! Which is exactly why his contract should be the Saints next big renegotiation.