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What they're saying nationally about the Saints, Brees

The Saints suffered a loss on the field and on the sideline Sunday with a defeat to the Rams and the loss of their Pro Bowl quarterback.

NEW ORLEANS — Here are some of the headlines appearing around the national media about the Saints loss to the Rams - a game which featured a blown call (again) and an injury to Quarterback Drew Brees.

- Saints season in jeopardy after Brees injury - Frank Schwab, Yahoo

- Saints dealt more bad breaks with Brees' injury, blown call - Jarret Bell, USA Today

- A terrible missed call robbed the Saints of a touchdown and the fans predictably had jokes - Andrew Joseph, FTW

- Officials screw Saints again, take away clear touchdown - Ryan Phillips, The Big Lead

- Rams make quick work of Saints after Brees exits with injury - Gary Klein, Los Angeles Times

- Life without Brees proves tough - Herbie Teope, NOLA.com

- Officials give the Saints the short end for the third straight game - John Sigler / USA Today