NEW ORLEANS — The New Orleans Saints are continuing to grab the attention of the national media with their impressive play since quarterback Drew Brees went down with an injury.

Most of the national polls have the Saints ranked only behind the New England Patriots .

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- ESPN (Saints #2): 

- CBS Sports (Saints #3): The Saints are one of the best early-season stories so far and Payton is showing he can coach the heck out of a team even without his star quarterback 

- Yahoo! Sports (Saints #2): The Superdome crowd chanting Teddy Bridgewater’s name after his touchdown passes Sunday speaks to his popularity. It’s an awesome story he’s authoring. 

- Bleacher Report (Saints #2): Teddy B. heard you. He heard all of you. He heard you call him a game-manager. On Sunday, in New Orleans, he answered. 

- Washington Post (Saints #2): If Teddy Bridgewater keeps playing like he’s playing, the Saints don’t need Brees to rush back.