With the band playing, Saints fans came marching inside of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome to kick off the preseason on Friday night. 

Up and down Poydras Street, people wore their Black and Gold. 

“We’re pumped! We know it’s not gonna be a real football game, but, it’s the start of the season,” Saints fan Julie LeGrand said. 

Even the little ones showed their pride. Timothy Thompson brought his 4-year-old daughter Kinsey Thompson to the game. 

“We’re very excited. I always try to take her to at least one or two games every year. She’s kind of got her Who Dat chant down, so, we’ll see how she does today!” Thompson said. 

“I love Kamara! That’s my boyfriend! Kamara! I love you!” Delisa Carter said.

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There were some surprising Vikings fans, though, like Gavin who is born and raised in New Orleans.

“My older brother wore Purple and Gold when he want to high school so, I gravitated to the NFL team that wears the Purple and gold, plus Saints fans were kind of arrogant and I promised the team that would beat them: They would forever be my team. So, '87 season, the Vikings came down here and beat them 44-10. I’ve been a fan ever since,” he said. 

Gavin also said he’s got thick skin. 

“I get called a traitor a lot, but, when I was growing up there were more Steelers fans down here than Saints fans. So, there you go!” 

We all know the history between the two teams is not a pretty one.

“I’m fired up. I still got some vengeance in me from that divisional playoff game, so hopefully we’re bringing it today,” Thompson said. 

Despite the Saints' 34-25 loss, the love for the Black and Gold is shining bright.

“This is the Saints! We’re die hard New Orleans. This is the Who Dat town! The Big Easy!” Saints fan Charles said.