RIO DE JANEIRO -- Decorated U.S. Swimmer Michael Phelps is known to blast music in his headphones to get in the zone before meets, but the look on his face before swimming in Monday's 200 meter butterfly semi-final was downright intense.

During warm ups, cameras in the holding room caught South African swimmer Chad Le Clos doing a little dance right in front of Phelps.

Whether Le Clos was trying to psyche the American swimmer out is up for debate. But what's clear, is that Phelps's had his game-face on and that dead-pan stare was enough to melt faces off.

It didn't go unnoticed on Twitter and of course the internet immediately loved it....

And responded with memes.

Phelps went on to qualify in Tuesday's event, coming in second behind Hungary's Tamas Kenderesi, who closed well and touched at 1:53.96.

When asked about the video of le Clos, Phelps said everyone has different race strategies. "If that's his, that's his," he said.

If that intense face is what it takes for him to bring home another game during the Rio Olympics, we're cool with it.

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