Regis Prograis came home Wednesday for a workout and to do publicity for his fight at UNO coming up in 17 days.

Prograis is now in a tournament to decide the best 140-pound fighter in the world.

He fought over the summer in New Orleans, for the first time as a headliner and he couldn’t help but get caught up in the New Orleans atmosphere at the UNO Lakefront Arena.

“Like, I was the main event and like for me, I was a fan at that moment. Then I had to go in and fight. So, I had to go and switch my mindset around,” Prograis said.

‘The Rougarou’ had to deal with Juan Jose Velasco inside the ring.

“I'm not going to lie, I was kinda nervous going into the fight. I ate a little bad right before the fight. I ate a po’boy and some gumbo, right before the fight. It wasn't before the fight, but it was something I wasn’t supposed to eat and I felt that in the fight,” he said.

Despite the nerves and the meal choice, Prograis still recorded an 8th round technical knockout over Velasco. However, Prograis didn’t feel at his world-class best that night at the Lakefront.

“I should have never even got touched as much, and I should have knocked him out way, way earlier. It was a good show, and for me it was a real good learning experience,” he said.

Prograis returns to the Lakefront Arena Saturday, Oct. 27, to begin the WBSS super-lightweight tournament. He is the No. 1 seed and will face Britain’s Terry Flanagan in the quarterfinals.

“He's tough, he's like scrappy. He's going to fight, so he has a lot of experience. So that's, for me why I picked him. I wanted to fight the hardest fight first and fight the best,” he said.

“Right now, I'm the No. 1 seed, I'm ranked No. 1 in the world, and Terry Flanagan is just another notch on my belt.”

This time, the undefeated champ assures he’ll be at the top of his game as the big ticket.