With cold, muddy water and high winds, it's been tough on fishermen lately. But for those wanting redfish, Venice may be the place to go - if you're willing to brave the elements.

Even way south down there in Venice, this week we've had some of the coldest temperatures we've had all year. So what does that do to the redfish? I think it makes them hungry!

"It's cold, it's blowing. I'm bundled up as much as I can get, and we're catching just as many fish as any other day," said Zach Brown with Garmin.

"We've got one of the new baits from Z man it's called a trout trick. They came out with it last year. It's really popular. It's an elastic style bait so you can pull it and stretch it and it will last more than one fish," he said.

"You rig it on with a trout size jighead. You thread it on there as you would a traditional bait. It has a vein in the middle of it where a hook can fit in and splice. And you just rig it underneath a popping cork and throw it away. Four horseman cork, trout trick on a jig, it's a winning combination."

Don't forget that even though hunting season is here, the redfish are plenty active here in the Venice area. Just dress real warm, pick your spots and you'll end up with good redfish for the grill.