Three people were rescued by the Coast Guard in southern Louisiana Friday after calling for help using an emergency radio on-board. 

The three boaters were stranded in Seven Dollar Bay, near Hopedale in Saint Bernard Parish, according to the Coast Guard. Emergency responders received their transmission shortly after 6 p.m. 

The group's 18-foot recreational boat reportedly broke down in the middle of the bay, officials said. A helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans was dispatched to rescue them.

The three people were hoisted into the helicopter and transported to University Medical Center New Orleans in stable condition.  

“The three people were able to call for help because they had a working VHF radio aboard their vessel,” said Lt. Cmdr. Brian Ward, an aircraft commander from Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans. “If you’re going out on the water, be prepared." 

Emergency equipment could be the only thing standing between boaters and death, he said.

"Boating safety equipment, including a VHF-radio, could potentially save your life," Ward said.