NEW ORLEANS -- A New Orleans boarding facility is stepping up to help out with recovery efforts by taking in hundreds of pets from flood-ravaged shelters on the North Shore.

Michelle Ingram from Zeus' Place said their facility on Freret Street answered the call for help when flood waters inundated shelters.

"In over four and a half days, I've taken in 175 pets from different locations," Ingram said. "These were all animals that were in shelters before the waters rose, so these were dogs that were surrendered for adoption."

Mikey, a good-natured, five-year-old lab mix, was found on a rooftop in Denham Springs. Ingram said she is hoping to find him and others a foster home, but it is not always easy after the stress of a natural disaster.

"We're telling everybody who takes an animal to be patient," Ingram said. "This is not the true personality of the animal. Try to put yourself in their shoes. If you've been living on a roof for survival for five days with no food or water you might be scared. Let's make them feel home again."

Victoria Perry said this rescue operation is a blessing for some of the animals from smaller shelters that couldn't afford medical treatment. Now they can get the treatment they need and find a forever home.

"I seen it on the news and I'm like...that's terrible and I want to help," Perry said.

Perry and her family brought in supplies Saturday morning and so did countless others.

Local law firms Baldwin, Haspel, Burke & Mayer along with Deutsch Kerrigan donated more than 400 pounds of pet food, crates and other supplies.

"The SUV was stuffed from top to bottom," Debra Ponsaa said. "It was amazing."

Many of the items were immediately packed onto trucks by volunteers from a local film crew.

EJ Roshto with the Motion Picture Studio of the South said this was their second trip to the Livingston Parish Animal Shelter.

More importantly, Ingram said Zeus's Place needs funding to keep this rescue mission going.

To donate, visit their website: or Humane Society of Louisiana.