PONCHATOULA, La. -- Their trucks have driven daily through flooded neighborhoods, handing out more than a half-a-million relief supplies.

Their shelters have provided meals and a roof at night to thousands of flooded Louisiana families for more than three weeks.

Now, Red Cross call centers are kicking off their recovery casework efforts to further help flood victims that can't seem to get help anywhere else, like Sid Kraemer, who's living in a tent on his Ponchatoula-area property.

"I got help back in March," he said, "This time it seems slow. I hear they're giving FEMA trailers, I can't find out nothing about them."

The Red Cross is aiming to help people with major flood damage, who don't qualify for FEMA assistance, to find alternative services and resources to the federal government. The agency is also offering a humble helping hand of $125 per qualifying person, in the meantime.

It's something Lloyd Woodruff and his family of five would much appreciate after feeling the effects of FEMA's inconsistent assistance in their neighborhood.

"They have all these resources, they can give materials, they can give supplies," he said, "It's not all about money. Just a little support and they're not showing none out here."

Despite the criticism that Red Cross has gotten throughout this flood recovery, many people say they are not surprised to see the agency step up where FEMA hasn't.

"Other agencies are trying to step up because FEMA's not holding up to their word," said Woodruff, "They offered, 'Oh we're gonna give everybody up to $33,000 if you qualify,' but unless you've been in this situation, how you gonna tell somebody they don't qualify for flood assistance?"

Many remain hopeful for anything after a flood that left them with nothing.

To find out if you're eligible for financial or resource assistance from Red Cross, head to redcross.org/LAfloodassistance or call 855-224-2490.