NEW ORLEANS, LA — Chris Franklin - WWL-TV Meteorologist

The heat is the big weekend weather story. The heat index or "feels like" temperature has climbed in the 108°+ range. Heat index takes into account temperature and humidity. Your body cools itself by the process of sweat evaporating. Where there is more moisture in the air, this process cannot work efficiently. That's why it "feels" hotter because your body struggles to cool itself naturally. This will be the case through the weekend. It becomes dangerous when the heat index is expected to reach 108° or higher. Use all precautions if you will be outdoors this weekend. The suppressive upper high will dominate this weekend preventing much cloud cover and thus rain. So little to no relief from the sun.

Keep in mind the heat index temperature assumes you are under shade...if in direct sunlight, add 15°! Which means in the sun, it can feel like over 125°!!

A deepening upper trough will force the high back westward and allow for closer to normal highs and a slight return to rain chances heading into next week. A weak front may move through late Monday into Tuesday bringing a slight drop in humidity! The upper low at one time looked to move over us, increasing rain chances by the end of the week, but morning computer model runs keep the low to our east, which keeps us on the drier side.




Heat Advisory. Heat Index: 108-113°. Mostly sunny skies. High: 98. Winds: W 6-12.


Warm and muggy. Mostly clear skies. Low: S 80, N 79. Winds: W 5-10.


Heat Advisory. Heat Index: 108-113°. Sunny and hot! High: 98. Winds: W 6-12.


Mostly sunny and hot. Heat Index: 103-108°. 30% chance for spotty showers. Low: S 80, N 79. High: 95.


Partly cloudy. 20% chance for an isolated shower. Slightly less humid! Low: S 76, N 73. High: 93.


Mostly sunny. Little less humid. Low: S 75, N 72. High: 92.


Partly cloudy, 30% chance for spotty showers and storms. Low: S 75, N 73. High: 92.


Partly cloudy, 30% chance for spotty showers and storms. Low: S 76, N 74. High: 92.