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Ways to 'winterize' your home

The Louisiana Housing Corporation said weatherization saves families with low-incomes $283 per year on average in energy costs.

NEW ORLEANS — The City of New Orleans activated its Freeze Plan for Thursday night, which means temporary shelters are open and free for those in need. 

Meanwhile, many live in older homes in need of repairs. Little fixes can keep you warmer and prevent your energy bill from spiking. 

But with hours before temperatures drop, what are some quick and cheap things you can do right now? 

The owner of Freret Hardware and Paint, Rick Torres, had a few ideas. 

“If you moisten your hand and you put your hand around the window or the door, you will feel it like a dull knife, and those are the areas you need to address," Torres said. 

Torres sells several items that can be used for weatherization. 

“You take the 2-inch painters’ tape, the blue one, and you go around and just stick it on. You stick it around these areas and its instant satisfaction," Torres said. 

A roll of the tape will cost you less than $15 dollars. 

“This one is actually 3 inches wide, and it would work perfect around windows and doors. 13 bucks. Quick," Torres said. 

It shouldn't leave any damage when you're ready to remove it. 

Torres also recommends foam products that can be used for weatherization. 

“It’s a good insulator and it compresses, and you can shove that in a crack," Torres said. 

If you're looking for long term solutions, companies such as Diversified Energy partner with utility providers to survey your home. 

“I think the biggest thing that has the biggest impact is your duct work," Diversified Energy CEO, Jeff Hagg said. 

Once they make their recommended fix, you should start reaping the reward on your energy bill. 

“20 percent savings, or especially if you have electric heat, like so many of us do in New Orleans and Louisiana," Hagg said, "It will make even a bigger savings.”  

Entergy and Cleco both offer programs that may help pay for weatherizing your home, if you qualify. 

The Louisiana Housing Corporation said weatherization saves families with low-incomes $283 per year on average in energy costs, lowering their energy burden.

The LHC Weatherization Assistance Program is no charge to families whose income qualify. Income guidelines can be found at https://www.lhc.la.gov/weatherization

Residents of Orleans and Jefferson Parish can contact for Quad Area Community Action Agency to apply.  http://www.quadarea.org/quadweatherization.html   225-209-0780\

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