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'Things will be okay' | Middendorf's welcomes back customers after storm

Hurricane damage will not stop their Oktoberfest, which begins next month.

The folks at Middenorf’s in Manchac are offering their warm welcomes once again after Hurricane Ida shut the restaurant down for about two weeks.

“They know that if we’re okay, things will be okay,” said server Alexis Kahrs, who describes the restaurant as one big family.

Servers were bringing food to tables as early as 10:30 Saturday morning as many who were just getting their power back came to celebrate.

“It’s kind of like a special time for us,” said Darlene Dimarco, a regular customer. “We’ve all had some damage to our homes, we’ve all had no electricity, but we’re blessed that we still have homes, that it’s not anything we can’t overcome.”

Middendorf’s manager DeeDee Holt explained that the new struggle is staffing. She said many employees suffered damage to their homes and cars, and the owners knew they’d need a job to come back to.

“People depend on this for their income, so the owners always make sure fit any type of emergency, any type of disaster we’re always open within weeks of that disaster,” Holt said.  

The popular deck outside the restaurant has been cleared, but it’s not open for seating yet. The water by the dock is currently cluttered with tree stumps and debris, but inside, everyone is welcome to satisfy their stomachs. 

Because the restaurant is short-staffed while several employees are still figuring things out at home, Middendorf's is asking customers for patience. They also say the Hurricane will not stop their Oktoberfest which begins next month.

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