NEW ORLEANS — Barry is still inching its way closer to the Louisiana coast as a tropical storm. But while the storm is taking its sweet time making landfall, folks are really having a hard time trying NOT to break open their "hurricane snacks" before its time.

Officials have been warning the public to be prepared for expected heavy rains and flooding, and make sure there are plenty of non-perishables on hand in case of power outages, and they seem to be listening - maybe a little bit too well.

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People are sharing on Twitter the struggle of having stocked up on their snacks for the storm - and struggling to save them. (Can't see the tweets below? Click here.)

Others fessed up and admitted that they've already polished them off:

(Even WWL-TV's Sheba Turk!)

Others just got lost in the scramble of trying to prepare:

In the latest forecast, Tropical Storm Barry was still spinning in the Gulf roughly 80 miles south of the mouth of the Mississippi with 50 mph sustained winds with higher gusts. 

The storm, while still a little disorganized, is expected to strengthen in the upcoming day before making landfall early Saturday.


WWL-TV Hurricane Center

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