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United Way helps Dulac family still living in tent after Ida

"We get stuff but this. It's amazing, like it's amazing," that's unbelievable," said Jowanda Moore.

DULAC, La. — We first introduced you to the Robertson family from Dulac on the one-month anniversary of Hurricane Ida.

Their home had been destroyed and they just had a baby.

On Friday, United Way had a surprise for that family as they delivered a semi-truck full of donations.

"We get stuff but this. It's amazing, like it's amazing," that's unbelievable," said Jowanda Moore.

It is a big surprise and a much-needed help. A day before Hurricane Ida, Moore and her family evacuated to Florida. Three days later they returned to a broken home.

"It was destroyed like everything really lost, from the TVS to beds, everything," Moore said. "It just wasn't the same." 

She's lived there for three years. Since their return, Jowanda, her boyfriend, mother, and baby have been living in the house during the day. They lost a few shingles on the roof, causing leakages, and the tarps haven't helped. But at night, to stay cool, they sleep in a tent in the front yard.

"It's so black and you don't know if a car is going to run off the road. So I think it's scary," Moore said.

Up until a week ago, her brother, Juwan Robertson, his girlfriend, their baby and newborn were also staying there.

Eyewitness News' Katie Moore interviewed him on the one-month anniversary of Hurricane Ida.

"We need any and all help severely like level 10. 1-10, like number 10 because it's not safe at all for the little ones," Robertson said back on Sept. 29.

"It just touches you and it's not like we want to give more to one family more than the other. But, sometimes it's like some people just really need some hope for the future," said Alina Merlos, United Way South Louisiana.

Merlos said their motto is "boots on the ground" so after seeing this family on Eyewitness News the organization got to work.

On Friday, Merlos and the United Way crew rounded up baby items, food, water, blankets, dog food and more from a pop-up donation site in Dulac and delivered this special gift.

"This donation to us, it touches you, this is why I get up every morning," Merlos said.

"That's love, honestly, I think it's love,"  said Moore.

If you'd like to help United Way continue to help families stop by their website.

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