LIVINGSTON PARISH, La. -- Rising flood waters forced the Livingston Parish 911/Communications center to evacuate and move into the Emergency Operations Center.

"Yesterday, I told you our 911/Communications center - the place our dispatchers take & route calls - was taking on water," Sheriff Jason Ard said. "For hours, deputies have been handling an extremely high call volume & have been able to keep floodwaters at bay. Unfortunately, the floodwaters have proved to be too much."

The parish has moved their 911 call center from the S Satsuma Road location to the Parish's Emergency Operations Center in the Livingston Parish Government Building.

"We hoped for the best, but the time had come to take action and put that plan into place," Ard said. "No interruption in service has been experienced. At this early hour, rescue operations continue. I'm proud of my deputies who always give me their all - no matter what we face. Our main goal is no loss of life. We are thankful for the several other agencies - those with LA Sheriff's Association Taskforce, LA National Guard, Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office & all other agencies that have answered our call for assistance during this weather event."