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Why Didn't It Snow?

I'm sorry snow fans, this event wasn't one for you

NEW ORLEANS — Everyone gets excited when snow is in the forecast. Even if it is a small chance, we all want to see this rare phenomena across Southeast Louisiana.

Our forecast called for a small chance for some snow across part of the Northshore and Southern Mississippi this morning. Fortunately, or unfortunately for some, we did not see any. 

The only reports of snow were across the state line in Jackson, McComb, Columbia and Hattiesburg, MS. So why didn't we see the snow in Louisiana? 

The ingredients need to be perfect for us to have snow in South Louisiana, and they just did not line up this time. Unfortunately, by the time it was cold enough for snow the rain out ran the freezing temperatures.  

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You need these two ingredients to match up from the upper-levels of the atmosphere all the way down to the surface for the rain to change over to all snow.  The upper-levels were cold enough for snow with below freezing temperatures, but the lowest level of the atmosphere was well above freezing.  This caused the snow to melt and fall as rain. 

I'm sorry snow fans, this event wasn't one for you.  However, it is still Winter, so maybe there will be another chance for us to see snow before we start to warm up this Spring.