On the field at Archbishop Hannan High School in Covington, Brendan David’s perseverance was his greatest skill. 

“We were 20-4 in our last two years when Brendan David was our starting running back,” said Brendan’s coach, Scott Wattigny. “He played a pivotal role in how successful we were. He was one heck of a football player.’ 

The running back had planned to keep on playing at Trine University in Indiana, but all that changed just a few days after graduation. The 18-year-old was seriously injured on May 17 in an ATV crash in Hammond. Today, he is still unconscious with a severe brain injury.

“My mind says when you see the state he is in, you are like ‘this is bad.’ You know it’s bad,” said Wattigny.  “But my heart says otherwise.”  

Wattigny said he has felt nearly every emotion since accident, except one.

“I’ve been sad. I’ve been upset. I’ve been angry,” said Wattigny. “But I’ve never felt hopeless and it’s because who he is.”

The community hasn’t given up hope either. Evidence of that is visible with the fundraisers organized by family and friends. Then, there are literal signs of support like seen above the Causeway, where a digital sign reads: “Prayers For Brendan David.” 

Saints quarterback Drew Brees has sent his well wishes, and so has Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette.

“It just says a lot about the people of South Louisiana, the New Orleanians and it says a lot about who Drew Brees is and the same is to be said for Leonard Fournette,” said Wattigny. 

Progress is slow, but Wattigny said he's remaining optimistic, using a different sport in describing David’s ability to fight. 

“If you were in a fight with him, if you were in a boxing match with him you are going to go 15 rounds,” said Wattigny. 

If you’d like the help the best place to start is by “liking” the Facebook page, “Brendan’s Miracle.”