NEW ORLEANS — 'Tis the season for porch pirates, the grinches who steal your packages right from your front door. Many of you should be expecting your cyber Monday packages to arrive to your home very soon which means thieves are on the prowl. There are some ways you can protect yourself and your purchases. 

First, security cameras may help, but be warned, thieves are proving this wont always stop them.

So you may want to request a delivery time, track your package, require a signature, or provide delivery instructions like places to hide the packages. 

A safe and convenient option is sending your packages to your workplace, if allowed. If your package is delivered to your office you wont have to drive anywhere to pick it up, plus you'll know it's secure. 

With USPS-you can request 'hold for pickup', then just stop by and get it directly from the post office. Also consider a private mailbox, shipping to a local mail service, or a mail locker.

Amazon Hub Locker has locations in convenience stores, apartment buildings, and grocery stores like Whole Foods. 

When you check out on Amazon, type in your zip code under shipping and Amazon will show you several locker locations that they can deliver to for free. 

UPS has 'access point' locations in their stores and stores like CVS. FedEx is partnered with Walgreens so you can pick up your packages at the convenience store for free.

You can also consider buying a lock box that you can mount outside your door. It allows deliveries to go in, while only you can get them out.