NEW ORLEANS - With one of the most highly talked about races in nearly 30 years heating up, Jefferson Parish residents are focusing on key issues they want addressed before Election Day.

"Police brutality for one. For the community," Metairie resident Adam Powell said. "Two, I would say, just protecting JP," Powell said.

"Reducing crime, primarily in the city and making sure that there's accountability," Metairie resident Elizabeth Spansel said.

The controversy now surrounding Interim Sheriff Joseph Lopinto and Candidate Retired Col. John Fortunato, those voters say, is definitely grabbing their attention.

"There's a reasonable expectation of privacy in that situation, but you're also a public persona. So, it's a slippery slope," Powell said.

Our partners at the New Orleans Advocate broke the news of an internal JPSO report saying Sheriff Lopinto directed his deputies to retrieve surveillance video at Elmwood PJ's coffee shop where Fortunato sat down with two of his colleagues back in October.

Lopinto initially told the public he did not order any video, but a new internal JPSO report revealed Lopinto did ask for a copy of the tape.

"I think the interim Sheriff of JP is being very deceitful by lying to the general public, to the media, to business organizations, civic organizations and endorsement committees."

"I had a friend that knew about the meeting and asked 'Would you like me to get a copy?' Sure, go get a copy. I haven't seen the video because I don't need to see a video. I can care less," Sheriff Lopinto said.

WWL-TV Political Analyst Clancy DuBos says with a heated race like this one, accusations are sure to pop up.

"Fortunato is very legitimately saying the records are contradicting the sheriff, but the same morning newspaper, the New Orleans Advocate, also has a headline that says that crime stats are at a record low in Jefferson Parish. So, it really depends on which of these two stories resonates more with Jefferson Parish voters," DuBos said.

Because for voters like Elizabeth Spansel, all that matters is getting the job done.

"I think that some people may care about it. I can't say that that's something personally that really matters to me," Spansel said.

Lopinto's campaign released a new poll that shows him leading 45 percent to 38 percent. Earlier polls had Fortunato in front. Lopinto's poll was done by Ron Faucheaux, an Eyewitness News Political Analyst.