SLIDELL - St. Tammany Parish Sheriff Randy Smith announced Wednesday the La. Attorney General's office will review the case of Deputy Bryan "Ricky" Steinert, after a joint investigation by WWL-TV and the New Orleans Advocate raised questions about the lack of a criminal probe into Steinert.

The former Deputy of the Year honoree was found to have 'fabricated' probable cause on a 2016 DWI report when cell phone video taken by the suspect's friend proved to be drastically different than what Steinert detailed in his report.

Smith launched an internal, administrative probe into that one arrest, but said he didn't feel it was a crime. Louisiana law prohibits the filing of false public records.

Steinert resigned the day he was called in for questioning by internal investigators.

"After consulting with District Attorney Warren Montgomery, we both agree that an independent review of this case by the Office of the Louisiana Attorney General is appropriate in order to put any concerns to rest that the public still may have about this and other cases," Smith said in a news release Wednesday.

The sheriff went on to say he would review other cases involving past employees to determine if they warranted additional review as well.