Would you be able to ditch your car for 30 days? In a new program from Lyft the ride-hailing company is giving away a prize to 50 people willing to do just that.

“It is $400 in transportation credits, which you can be used on Lyft rides, public transportation or we have a partnership with Bike Easy, where you can either do a bike share pass or get a tune up for your own personal bike,” said Jessica Inman, a marketing manager with Lyft.

The campaign is certainly a way to drum up some new customers but Lyft says there are environmental reasons behind the move.

“Lyft has been committed to reducing traffic congestion on the roads since it’s foundation seven years ago and I think this a physical representative of that,” said Inman.

Dan Favre with Bike Easy is also excited to be part of the promotion, taunting a list of reasons why people should choose biking.

“Public health, equity, it’s an affordable option for getting to your job,” said Favre. “And of course, it’s by far the most fun way to get to work.”

Anne Rolfes with the Bucket Brigade of Louisiana, a local environmental group, says there is still more companies can do to reduce pollution but applauds Lyft for their efforts. She also hopes the idea catches the attention of city officials.

“I am hopeful the new mayor will understand the need to heavily invest in our infrastructure that supports bikes, and supports buses and streetcars and every other way people can affordably get to work,” said Rolfes.

You can register by clicking here until the end of the month. 50 people will be selected in October.

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