Police arrested a 25-year-old Folsom man after he allegedly beat his 7-month-old son to death, according to the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office.

The suspect, Corey Nauck, was arrested on first-degree murder counts Wednesday while in Gulfport at a family member's home.

According to the sheriff's office, the Folsom Police reached out to the sheriff's office for help when a young child was at the hospital with suspicious injuries and in critical condition on Monday, Feb. 26.

The sheriff's office said that Nauck brought his child to the hospital Monday and offered no explanation for the injuries. The infant was airlifted to a southshore hospital and was declared dead on Wednesday.

Sheriff Randy Smith said that Nauck confessed to losing his temper due to the baby's crying and then physically abused the child. As of Thursday afternoon he was still awaiting transport to the St. Tammany Parish Jail where he will be booked for murder.

“This was an innocent and helpless baby,” Smith said. “The idea that his precious life was taken by his own father is incomprehensible. Nothing is more horrific than the murder of an infant. I applaud our detectives who investigated this horrendous crime and worked to seek justice for this defenseless baby. Also thank you to the Harrison County Sheriff's Office for their assistance while in their jurisdiction.”