BELLE CHASSE – There are mandatory evacuations on both sides of the river in Plaquemines Parish.

Parish officials ordered a mandatory evacuation for all areas outside of the levee protection system on the Eastbank of Plaquemines Parish and a mandatory evacuation for everyone on the Westbank south of the Alliance Refinery.

At the Belle Chasse Auditorium, a shelter has been set up to welcome anyone seeking high ground.

“They take good care of us … I appreciate that,” said Betty Duplessis, who left her home on Eastbank Friday night.

Among the possessions Duplessis took with her is a rosary, that she’s carried with her as long as she’s been at the shelter.

“(I’m praying) for God to help us through this, for everything to be OK when we get back home and for everybody to be safe,” she said.

Friday night, the Belle Chasse Auditorium had about 35 people in it.

There’s more than just food, water and a place to sleep. The Plaquemines Medical Center is providing care for anyone who needs it. Everything from minor wounds to emergencies can be taken care. And ambulances will be on standby incase anyone needs to be taken to the hospital.

The sheriff’s department is encouraging people to be safe as they evacuate. They will be helping people safely cross the river if needed.