When is a game more than just a game? Perhaps when it's something that runs in the blood.

"I'm Croatian, my heritage is Croatian and I'm proud to be a Croatian American and so yes, I am very much pulling for Croatia," Tommy Cvitanovich, owner of Drago's said.

Cvitanovich's dad, Drago founded Drago's in 1969. He fled his homeland after World War II to escape the communist regime. Ultimately, he ended up in New Orleans and met his wife Klara.

"It's beautiful country, the people are really nice. They kind of remind you of New Orleans people. They invite into their homes and its like, let's eat!" Cvitanovich said.

Even though Cvitanovich is a die-hard Croatian fan, he says it's actually hard to root against an American ally.

"Last week, it was easy to root for Russia," he said.

Now, Cvitanovich is going to get more anxious as Croatia takes on France in the final. But regardless of the actual score, he believes the opportunity to cheer with family and friends is already a huge win.

Croatia plays France Sunday, Drago's is not usually open but management is currently planning to host a special viewing party.