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Republicans coin 'T'was the night before impeachment' ahead of Wednesday vote

Read the poem by House Oversight Republicans here.

The night before the expected impeachment of President Donald Trump, Republicans in the House have coined a story, aimed at Democrats, based on the classic Christmas story "T'was The Night Before Christmas."

Republicans in the House Oversight Committee posted the carol in a Twitter thread Tuesday night. In it, they appear to claim that Democrats are nervous about how the vote will affect their prospects in the 2020 election.

‘Twas the night before #impeachment and all through the House, 

Pelosi chased vulnerable Democrats, like a cat after a mouse.

The Articles were sent to the Capitol without care,

And put before all Members, after a process far from fair.

The Democrats were restless, not snug in their beds,

While nightmares of November danced in their heads.

And the whole country knew those four facts to be true;

Pelosi looked away, but not Jeff Van Drew.

When, what to my wondering eyes should I see,

But the Coastal Impeachment Squad with hearts full of glee.

Away to the cameras Democrats flew in a dash,

They couldn’t resist impeaching the President, despite the backlash.

Pelosi sprung from her chair, and to her team gave the okay,

And weary Democrats knew they had to obey.

“On, Swalwell! On, Lofgren! On, Jackson Lee!

I know you’ll vote YES on impeachment, you always follow me!”

And I heard her exclaim, as they walked off the floor,

“Merry impeachment to all! Now voters will show you the door."

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In evoking Jeff Van Drew, Republicans are talking about the Democrat from New Jersey who has said he will vote against impeachment. Van Drew is also reportedly considering a switch to the Republican party, but he has not yet confirmed he will do so. There has been speculation that the move may be motivated in part by internal poll numbers which show voters did not want to re-nominate him as a Democrat.

The reference to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi chasing vulnerable Democrats was a reference to Democrats in districts that Trump won in 2016. There was a question as to whether they would vote for impeachment. Several of them have revealed in the past few days that they will vote in favor.

The Associated Press says its accounting has found the House does have enough votes to impeach Trump Wednesday night.

As for how this will affect the election, that remains to be seen. But polling taken over the last couple of months shows roughly half the country is in favor of impeachment and removal from office, give or take a few points depending on which poll you look at. 

Correction: An earlier version of this story said Jeff Van Drew had announced he would switch to the Republican party. He says he has not made that announcement, but that he is considering it.

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