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'Weed World' vans hit the streets for Mardi Gras

The pot pops have names like Strawberry Cough, Blue Dream and Lemon Drop Kush.

NEW ORLEANS -- Lime green trucks lined General Nicholls Street in Treme on Thursday morning.

They belong to "Weed World Candies," a company that markets infused marijuana flavored lollipops.

Builder Jeff Gardner said it was difficult for his crew to find a place to park near his construction site.

"I assume they say they're selling candy, but one can speculate," Gardner said.

The pot pops have names like Strawberry Cough, Blue Dream and Lemon Drop Kush. Weed World has been selling the product in New Orleans for about a decade.

It appears the Atlanta-based company brought in reinforcements for Mardi Gras.

Owner and co-founder of Weed World, Bilal Muhammad, who also goes by the name of Dro Man, said that all of the products his company sells are legal and they contain hemp rather than THC, the illegal ingredient in marijuana.

But, will the laced-lollies get you high?

Dro and his partner Kush talked about that as they rolled through the Big Apple with blogger AnimalNewYork.

"We're not into breaking the law," said Dro Man. "Since we have the candy, there's no need to sell real marijuana or do this and that. If they ask me, I'll tell them no they won't get you high, you will get by."

Weed World is on the NOPD's radar screen.

"We've actually conducted some investigations in the past and we haven't found a problem with the product that they're distributing," said NOPD Special Investigation Division Commander Frank Young.

A spokesman for the city said Weed World does not have the proper permits to sell the pot pops during Mardi Gras.

NOPD will be checking permits along the parade route.

"We have police officers assigned to City Hall in our permit division," said Young. "They're going to be out on patrol during the parades and in the French Quarter, and I'm going to have them keep an eye out for the guys in the green van."

Weed World is permitted to sell candy and chips along the parade route, but not from the lime green trucks. According to the city, they didn't pass inspection.

Authorities tested the Weed World lollipops Thursday afternoon. Young said the results came back negative for THC.

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