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Kenny’s Pick on Spring Bloomers:

Pentas – Pentas come in dwarf or regular size. If you want your uprights to stay smaller, TPG would recommend the dwarf, which grows to approximately 22 inches. The regular Penta will grow up to 4 feet in height by the end of the summer. The majority of the time, TPG recommends the dwarf for the pots. Pentas come in 22 different colors, which gives you a great variety to choose from!

Petunias – Petunias come in old fashioned regular Petunias and also a sun Petunia. If you have sun 2-3 hours a day, the old fashioned will work great. If you have sun all day, the old fashioned will die off once the July heat comes on. The sun Petunias are more of a cascading Petunia that can do well on the side of your pots. Petunias come in 45 different colors.

Vinca – Vinca comes in a regular upright or a cascading Vinca. Vinca are recommended for pots and well drained gardens. If the root system stays moist for 4 plus days without drying out, it is susceptible to root rot. Vinca comes in 18 different colors and are great for full sun and can take a strong heat.

Begonias – Begonias come in two different types. The green leaf Begonias are for shade, but can take a couple hours of sun. The bronze leaf Begonias are for sun areas and need 3 plus hours of sun per day. Begonias come in 11 different colors.

Scaevola – Scaevola plants are great heat/sun tolerant plants. They come in purple and white. They are a great summer bloomer and this plant cascades off of pots very well.

Caladiums – Caladiums are great plants for large color beds. They have 60 varieties of color of Caladiums. They have sun and shade Caladiums. They are great plants for summer all the way through the fall.

Fertilizing Blooming Color – All blooming color loves to be fertilized throughout the season. Be sure all fertilizers have three numbers on the particular packaging. Make sure the middle number is the highest. This will promote new blooms and existing blooms will stay on longer.

TPG gets in new shipments of color 5 days a week! For the freshest color, come to TPG!