NEW ORLEANS — After a seemingly quiet night, Casey Urschel checked his Ring Doorbell video from overnight to find a masked man on his front porch. The man appears to try and open his front door.

"Really creepy knowing it was the night before and didn’t wake up when it happened," Urschel said.

It was 3:30 Saturday morning when his Ring captured the masked man on video.

"A really creepy looking mask, almost like something you’d get at a holiday store, a Halloween store," he said.

He’s seen walking onto the front porch of his Uptown home on Jena Street.

"Probably just trying to get into the house to break in and see if he could get anything," Urschel said.

The man is wearing gloves and seems to have something in his hand.

"Indistinguishable what it might have been," he said.

Urschel’s door was locked so the man left.

"It certainly scared me," he said.

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Now, he’s especially thankful for his Ring Doorbell. Without it, he never would have known the man was on his porch.

"You would think people would know by now that a lot of folks have this stuff," he said.

The video was shared in the Ring app and on Nextdoor to warn neighbors. That’s when Urschel learned he wasn’t the only home the masked man visited. One person living in Broadmoor commented on the video with a separate video of the same masked man on his porch. That video was from a month ago.

“He was wearing the same mask, came up to that person’s front door, also tried to get in the house, didn’t have any luck and turned around and left’" Urschel said.

NOPD tells us the last incident like this they have reported from the area was June 19. That’s why they’re urging residents to make sure they file reports like this with police so they can investigate.

Now, Urschel is encouraging residents to double check that their doors are always locked.