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5 years ago WWL-TV identified 21 women jailed for killing a domestic abuser; 9 have now been freed

In 2018, WWL-TV profiled Laura Eugene’s case. The Louisiana Supreme Court had issued a landmark ruling in State of Louisiana v. Catina Curley.

Katie Moore / Eyewitness News

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Published: 10:25 PM CDT September 5, 2023
Updated: 7:23 AM CDT September 6, 2023

Survivors of domestic abuse are among the hundreds of women freed from Louisiana’s prisons over the past five years as sweeping criminal justice reforms have taken hold. Attorney advocates have used those reforms to try and balance the scales of a justice system they say unfairly criminalizes women for defending themselves in the face of impossible choices. 

In 2018, WWL-TV identified 21 women who were serving life sentences in prison for killing domestic partners, they claimed, in self-defense. So far, 9 of those women have been released from prison after attorneys re-examined their cases, convictions and sentences. 

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