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Look out for termites: Swarming season is coming

People generally call this time of the year "Swarming Season" when termites pop up or "swarm" near lights and windows.

NEW ORLEANS- With temperatures rising, humans aren't the only ones enjoying the warm weather. Pretty soon you're sure to see termites swarming across the area.

Thomas Sanchez, co-Owner of House Call Pest Control in New Orleans, is already fumigating

homes across the city.

"We're going through the process of monitoring the fumigant levels and the process of getting control of the target insect," Sanchez said.

People generally call this time of the year "Swarming Season" when termites pop up or "swarm" near lights and windows.

In reality, these insects are lurking in your walls and underneath your home all year long.

"What happens when it gets warm is that the termite activity increases," Sanchez said.

When their activity increases, they come out flying.

"We're in this cycle here in New Orleans where they have a lot of termites. We've got a great climate for them, a semi-climate. They love the moisture. "

Entomologist Joe Martin with Terminix showed Eyewitness News a large nest.

"This actually came out of a wall. This is a termite nest. This may be going on behind your wall if you have a lot of termites," Martin said as he showed the nest.

If the termites are swarming, chances are they have been calling your home their home for a while.

"For a termite colony to emit swarmers, it means it's a mature colony. So when you see a termite colony maybe swarming out of a tree or maybe out of your wall, that colony's maybe five to seven years old.

There are some things you can do to protect your home.

One, take a walk around your house and look for mud trails. Also, check for dirt spots and pin holes in your walls.

"Your wall may look like it has some type of moisture issue when you go to poke it. Your hand may go through the wall. So, for most, termites can do a lot of damage and pretty quickly," Martin said.

Taking these small steps could help save you from a major headache and home repair down the road.