Officials in City Hall say Mayor Mitch Landrieu was out of town as heavy rains dropped as much as eight inches on parts of the metro New Orleans area over the weekend.

“Mayor Landrieu was out of town this weekend at a security conference. He left Friday and returned today,” Director of Communications Tyronne Walker said Monday afternoon.

Landrieu attended the Aspen Strategy Group’s annual invitation-only summer workshop that, according to its website, "brings together ASG members, outside experts, and administration officials to identify and anticipate the forthcoming foreign policy challenges facing the United States."

The conference, held in Aspen, Colorado, began Friday, Aug. 4, and was set to end Tuesday.

Landrieu later visited affected residences and businesses Monday afternoon.

Landrieu's official Twitter account was active over the weekend tweeting photos of work crews clearing debris around the city.

Landrieu was not be the only government leader to tour flooded neighborhoods Monday. Gov. John Bel Edwards joined him.