NEW ORLEANS — Two New Orleans city council members are urging Louisiana lawmakers to pass a bill to allow local governments to raise the minimum wage.

Council members Helena Moreno and Jason Williams plan to present a resolution Thursday that would push state lawmakers to pass House Bill 422. The bill, authored by New Orleans Democrat Royce Duplessis, would allow parish or city governments the power to set their own minimum wage and worker protection policies.

Louisiana currently uses the federal minimum wage standard of $7.25 per hour. The cost of living varies throughout the state but is highest in Orleans Parish.

Moreno and Williams say they would like to raise the minimum wage in New Orleans to help residents, including single parents, to afford basic costs like housing, child care, food and transportation.

HB422 was referred to the Committee on Labor and Industrial Relations Monday.

The bill is just one push to raise the minimum wage in Louisiana. The Advocate reports that Governor John Bel Edwards said he supports legislation that would establish a $9 per hour minimum wage effective July 2020 if Louisiana voters agree.


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