The NFL always hopes for super ratings for the Super Bowl, but some members of the Who Dat nation hope to penalize the league after officials blew two calls at the end of the NFC Championship that possibly cost the Saints a trip to the big game.

Almost as soon as angry fans began to spill out of the Superdome, lifelong Saints fan Brandon Rizzuto got an idea: a boycott of the broadcast on Feb. 3.

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Boycott Bowl” was born on Facebook, and it quickly went viral, gathering interest from more than 21,000 people by Monday evening.

“‘Boycott Bowl’ is a real thing,” Rizzuto said. 

If it all comes together, “Boycott Bowl” would be a music festival that features chefs, bartenders and other members of the local service industry -- all people, Rizzuto said, could lose out on a big payday with a Super Bowl many have said is less interesting.

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“And also anything, generated from it would go to benefit local youth, music and sports programs,” he said. “This is going to be big, and we definitely want to compete with the Super Bowl, go right up against it and show how strong New Orleans can be.”

Any musician, business or restaurant interested in participating can email