NEW ORLEANS — The Los Angeles Rams are over the no-call decision from their last matchup against the Saints. Head Coach Sean McVay told reporters Wednesday that the team was trying to put the controversial play in the past as they prepare to face New Orleans again Sunday.

Saints fans, meanwhile ... not so much. 

"Obviously nobody's going to sit here and say that wasn't pass interference and that's why it led to some rules being changed," McVay said. "Even though that play benefitted our team, nobody wants anything but a fair game."

McVay, of course, is referring to the now-infamous play during the NFC Championship game in January: A throw to Tommylee Lewis near the Rams' 13-yard line was stopped by a helmet-to-helmet collision from Nickell Robey-Coleman.

To universal disbelief, officials didn't throw a flag for the clear pass interference, and the play couldn't be contested. The botched call (which the NFL acknowledged soon after) is widely cited as the reason the Rams were able to pull ahead during overtime. 

The Rams still lost to the Patriots, though, so Who Dat? 

McVay said his players aren't looking at Sunday's game as a rematch, though. 

"For us, we play each game as its own entity," he said. "It's going to be a great challenge and we're excited about it." 

Apparently, after the January game, he debriefed the team on the lucky play. 

"Right after. You address it. You could ask Nickell Robey(-Coleman). He knows that was a pass interference," McVay said. "It was, 'Hey, we know exactly what occurred. Fortunately, that worked out for us, but let's not make any bigger deal than what it is.' "

It doesn't appear McVay has ever met anybody from Louisiana:

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Also, this is a blatant challenge: 

Publicly, the Saints say they have also moved on, siding with the NFL over a (now-dropped) lawsuit about the call from angry fans. 

In a document filed as part of that lawsuit, the Saints said they shared the fans' disappointment but already achieved rule changes the team wanted (for context, the NFL will now let interference calls be challenged even if there's no flag thrown).  

"The Saints appreciate that those fans are willing to take up what they may perceive to be the Saints' cause," team lawyers wrote in court documents. "But taking up such a cause in this form, in the courts, is not warranted, and is not in the Saints' interests."

The team also argued that allowing the lawsuit to proceed in court would open the doors to countless lawsuits from passionate sports fans.

Still, Saints fans will likely be side-eyeing the refs all season long, especially after another bungled call at the end of the 2019 season's opening game nearly caused another loss. 

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"Officials just hate New Orleans. I don't know why? They just hate us. We're nice people. We just want to drink with you," said Saints fan Keirston Besse.

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Sunday's game is set for 3:25 p.m. Wear your black and gold.