NEW ORLEANS — Over the last two months, WWL-TV collected thousands of public school bus records from 90 different charter schools across the whole New Orleans area, which are run by 52 different management companies, and created a searchable database.

Seventy-eight charter schools are in the city of New Orleans, seven are in Jefferson Parish, two are in Lafourche Parish and there’s one each in Plaquemines, Tangipahoa and Washington parishes.

You can use this search tool compiled by WWL-TV to see which schools hire private school bus contractors and if they turned over proof of insurance, the names of their bus drivers, bus route information and background checks for those drivers.

If the contractor is listed as "None" or the other fields say "N/A" it means that school received a waiver to not provide school buses or to give students public transit passes.

Can't see the search engine? Click here.

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