NEW ORLEANS — Numbers 00-99, they've all been on at least one NFL jersey, but who are the best players to ever wear those numbers?

USATODAY put together a list of the 'Greatest NFL players by uniform number' to celebrate the NFL's 100th Anniversary.

Two current Saints players made the list, one obvious, the other not so much.

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First, lets just get this out of the way. No. 9 is Drew Brees.

Brees started his career in San Diego, but his best years (so far) were in New Orleans. He's a Super Bowl champion, two-time NFL offensive player of the year and the NFL's All-Time leader in passing yards. If things go well, he'll top Peyton Manning's record for total touchdown passes this season.

It's no surprise that the GOAT is also the best to ever wear the No. 9.

Last chance to guess Drew's teammate who made the list...

Saints Punter Thomas Morstead is greatest to player to ever wear the No. 6.

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Morstead lead one of the greatest moments in Saints history: The onside kick.

Morstead opened the second half of Super Bowl XLIV with a surprise onside kick, catching the Colts off-guard and giving the Saints control of the game. Something they would never give up.